We designed our rigorous personal training curriculum to produce the most skilled, the most knowledgeable and the most qualified personal trainers.

For those who aspire to become a personal trainer, AAPT in Boston has the answer. Our leading personal trainer courses help the students achieve their potential by moving them towards the total competency in their subject matter and the skills they develop. This helps them gain initial employment, continued success, and career advancement in the fitness industry.

In order to prepare students for the demands of the job, our instructors provide over 300 total clock hours of education at our incredible fitness center. Our hands-on fitness training courses are designed to endow students with practical day-to-day skills, as well as the theoretical knowledge necessary to excel as a personal trainer. At AAPT, we give you the tools you need to excel as a personal training coach. The materials are also easy to understand and interactive, making both offline and online fitness training courses a great investment for you and your career.

AAPT offers a variety of personal trainer courses to help you get up and running in your career. Our curriculum is designed to build the foundation you need to succeed as a personal trainer, growing your clientele and business along the way. Our practical and application-focused certified personal trainer courses are presented in an easy-to-understand format. You will be able to master complex scientific principles and be prepared to accept the challenge of the certification exam. The courses available from AAPT take you through everything from nutrition, to business, to designing training programs tailored to your clients’ needs.

AAPT certified personal trainer courses empower fitness enthusiasts and leaders with knowledge that set  the standard for the industry. Our graduates are also exempted from paying for a NASM certification course or the cost of the exam, as it is included in AAPT’s curriculum and tuition. Some benefits as an AAPT student with NASM certification are:

  1. Getting hired for superior position with great salaries.
  2. Benefitting from both AAPT’s curriculum with NASM being implemented throughout the course.
  3. Acquiring manager positions at gyms/studios

As you go through the program, our team will be here to assist you every step of the way. Specialization with AAPT can stretch your earning potential along with your client’s ability to avoid injury – helping them move, feel, and live better. AAPT can help you break down tuition costs and learn more about flexible, easy payment plans, as well as job placement opportunities once you complete the curriculum. Take the first step toward building your career with personal trainer courses from AAPT. If you have any questions about anything included in our curriculum, or to apply for admission, please contact a representative directly.

We look forward to helping you reach the next level as a personal trainer! Our certified personal trainer courses will help you enter the industry will the skills, knowledge and techniques needed to change lives – including your own!

Want to learn more about one of the best personal trainer courses in Boston? Call us at 617-267-2278.

Course Curriculum
Subject Hours
Introduction and History of Fitness 15
Kinesiology 30
Nutrition: Bioenergetics 5
Into to Assessments 8
Anatomy: Into and Upper Body 20
Physiology: Muscular System 15
Physiology: Cardiorespiratory System 10
Anatomy: Lower Body 15
Anatomy: Spine and Core 15
Assessments 22
Program Design 50
Biomechanics 20
Program Enhancement (specific exercise techniques) 30
Nutrition 20
Business / Behavior 25
Total 300
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