December 3, 2020 Fitness

Education vs. Certification: How to Become a Successful Personal Trainer

Personal training is a fantastic career option that combines fitness, business, and helping others. However, the personal training education and certification market is saturated with different options that claim to offer the appropriate knowledge to be successful in this field. We broke down the difference between education and certification, and why a certification doesn’t necessarily set you up for success.

Education vs. Certification

Simply put: it’s easy to become a ‘certified’ personal trainer. To become certified, you usually are asked to pass an exam, or maybe are required to take a few online courses before taking the exam. Upon successful completion of these requirements, you are now considered certified. 

However, the problem with this method is that in most cases, the requirements to become certified do not provide you with nearly enough education to become a successful personal trainer. Becoming a quality personal trainer requires a thorough understanding of science, business, and an understanding of the industry. Taking a one-day online training course and quiz simply cannot supply you with this level of knowledge, and often only provides you the bare minimum of information. A poor foundation decreases your chances of success. To become a highly qualified personal trainer, it’s essential to invest in a complete education, not just relying on one (likely unreliable) certification to base your career off of. A certification is great, but a full education from a reliable program is a necessity.

What Makes a Quality Education?

A good personal training education is thorough and well-rounded. It provides an ample amount of time to fully understand all the different facets of personal training. It dives into kinesiology, nutrition, business, safety, and career options. With a good education, you’ll be prepared for almost anything you encounter in your personal training career. Your demonstrated knowledge will also allow your clients to instill confidence and trust in you to help them reach their goals. 

Another important factor to consider is career placement. A program with connections throughout the industry is essential to starting your career on the right foot. If your goal is to work for a fitness center or program, you are much more likely to get hired when you’ve been educated by a trusted partner. Even if you choose to go out on your own, a quality education program can give you the tools and tips to be successful independently.

Why AAPT Boston?

American Academy of Personal Training Boston offers the most trusted, comprehensive diploma in the area. We are experts in personal trainer education and will provide you a complete and thorough education to become a well-rounded personal trainer. We are trusted in the industry and offer a fantastic job placement rate. If you choose to pursue a certification, we are partnered with NASM to provide you with study materials. Contact us at (617) 267-2278 or fill out a contact form, or check out our courses on our website.

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AAPT Student spotlight
April Davison, 18 years old, currently enrolled in AAPTs September Day Class.
Why did you choose AAPT:

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