Academic Coordinator Night & Weekend Class Instructor

Ted Bertini

Ted has been a part of the health and physical fitness industry for more than 20 years – like most members of our faculty, he’s quite the Superman. We still don’t know how he can fit so much into a single day of work without losing the creative energy that drives him in each class.

Ted started his career through an undergraduate Health Education degree. He went on to get a graduate degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology. As a graduate student at Northeastern University, he became Lab Director of their outpatient maximal stress-testing laboratory. There, Ted oversaw lab technicians conducting a thorough range of fitness and body composition tests, such as maximal stress testing, pulmonary function testing, underwater weighing, skin-fold testing, health history screening, and exercise assessment interpretation. He also managed the instruction of undergraduate Exercise Physiology students conducting classroom experiments in the testing lab.

Once he completed his work at Northeastern, Ted was the Physical Fitness Director for multiple local YMCAs, supervising employee recruitment & training and wellness center growth projects. While working with the YMCA, Ted was chosen to be a Faculty-level Instructor for the group’s newest baseline Fitness Instructor training program. Ted oversaw bringing the training course back to Massachusetts.

Currently, Ted is an AAPT Faculty Instructor and Academic Manager, an AHA CPR Instructor, a Healthy Back Instructor, a Strength Training Instructor, an active personal trainer, a full-time Operations Manager for a tech company, and a family man. Ted focuses on fitness programming for special populations, such as youth and senior clientele, clients with metabolic disorders, kidney disease, cardiac maintenance needs, and other special health concerns. Also – his favorite color is orange.

Background Education: 

M.S. Clinical

Exercise Physiology Northeastern University

Boston, Massachusetts


B.S. Health Education

University of Lowell

Lowell,  Massachusetts


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