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    Why spend a $5700 tuition with us when online accredited certifications can be found cheaply online?

    Certification requires a test, whether a virtual or exam program is accredited. Without the close guidance of a personalized education, these online programs will leave students with just study guides and quizzes, and no first-hand experience. AAPT provides students with opportunities to work with experienced instructors and ask them direct questions, unlike online certifications. Combining fitness training and classroom knowledge qualifies students for becoming smart, dependable, effective personal trainers with a variety of career options. Graduates from the American Academy of Personal Training have seen faster hiring, consistent client bases, and earn higher rates over the path of their career than others from less-involved programs. AAPT maintains that career guidance and fitness education is a key part of launching a career in personal training.

    Is the AAPT a licensed school?

    Yes. AAPT has been licensed by the Massachusetts State Education Department.

    Are course credits given at AAPT transferable? Are credits from other programs transferable to AAPT?

    Complete AAPT course credits can transfer to other institutions if permitted by the accepting program. AAPT will not accept credits from other courses.

    What age range can I expect at AAPT? Would I be too old?

    Not at all! Enrolling students have ranged from recently 18 to in their 70s. AAPT accepts diverse ranges of education levels, past experience, and personal backgrounds. This allows students to reach their goals in a fun, collaborative class setting.

    Is every person at AAPT Boston way more fit and experienced than me?

    Don’t worry – AAPT’s program is built to support students of all experience ranges and fitness education goals. Whether you’re new to fitness or work out every day, our program will match you with personalized education. Unlike virtual self-study programs, we want you to learn from collaborating with other students!

    Do I need to be physically fit to start at AAPT? How intense are the workouts?

    Students can expect a specialized workout for their fitness level. AAPT wants students to reach their fitness goals through personal experience which is integrated into coursework, but you do not need to be physically fit to find success at AAPT.

    Do you provide for special help/accommodations/learning disabilities?

    AAPT understands that learning strategies vary for every student, and we respect and support all kinds of learning. AAPT uses the S.A.V.I. model to match each student’s learning. Our intelligent instructors personalize with limited class sizes to create an encouraging learning space for every student.

    Can I work out at AAPT outside of class?

    Yes. Students can use the private fitness studio before or after classes, during our hours of operation.

    Prospective aapt student

    When should I sign up?

    AAPT requests that prospective students start the first step in their application a minimum of 6-8 weeks before class begins, since class sizes are small. Still, we do allow enrollment up to the start date of the class if there are any free spots.

    How many classes are offered?

    AAPT uses a winter, spring, summer, and fall quarter system with an array of class schedules. This includes day, afternoon, night, and weekend classes either full-time or part-time each quarter. Please refer to class schedules for specific and most-recent information. Note: Make sure to check the schedule for our Boston campus, as class schedules can vary at each campus location.

    Is there a lot of homework, or out-of-class work?

    Students will use most of their time outside of class to study and stay up to date on the material.

    What if I have to miss a class or leave town?

    AAPT policy calls for students to attend at least 90% of their program. This allows 30 hours for any emergencies or time away.

    Any upcoming trips that you have already scheduled before enrollment are allowed as excused absences.

    For any concerns about a class’s schedule, please call AAPT so we can assist you and answer whatever questions you may have.

    International aapt student qualifications and residency/lodging

    Will AAPT assist in obtaining and processing student visas?

    AAPT’s program does not require any Student visa. Many international students have come with a Visitor/Tourist visa, graduated from our school, then returned home as professional personal trainers. The full-time class option is just 3 months, which is typically the length provided to tourists from the U.S. embassy. If needed, we are happy to provide a Letter of Enrollment with our official AAPT letterhead and stationary, stating the student’s involvement in our program with the start date, end date, and class schedule. The student’s tuition and administrative fee – a total of $5,700 – must be paid in order to receive the Letter of Enrollment. If the payment is not yet met, we can also provide a letter of interest in AAPT. We are unable to help process any student visas. Contact our AAPT Admission Advisor with any questions one enrolling as an international student.

    I’m ready to apply to AAPT. How do I apply? What are the requirements?

    AAPT does not have a specific formal application. Any student must be 18 years or older and provide proof of high school or equivalent education. AAPT is a vocational school, so we do not need TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). We will need Proof of Foreign Education with English translation and a notarized equivalency report.

    Are dormitories or housing arrangements provided for international students?

    Students must find their own housing. We recommend arranging for a sublet or an apartment to share in Boston, or reaching out to family/friends in the area. Housing near public transportation is also a viable option. Though we do not have lodging to provide, reach out to us for any advice on living in Boston if you plan on moving here for AAPT. 

    Does AAPT provide work placement for international students graduates?

    AAPT matches graduates with positions at quality gyms, spas, clinics, and hospitals. Still, employers cannot hire international graduates if they do not have the necessary paperwork or visa. AAPT can only place American citizens, Resident Aliens, or graduates with a Work visa open to any employer.

    Aapt students

    Will AAPT involve specialty training strategies like group fitness or yoga?

    AAPT structures its program around a variety of fitness practices, integrating first-hand experience with the science involved in group fitness training. AAPT introduces knowledge on many techniques, but niche strategies including yoga, spinning, Pilates, BodyPump and others would typically require separate training/certifications outside of AAPT.

    Does class have breaks?

    Yes. Breaks are included in the schedule depending on the class. Day/Weekend classes have a 15 minute break and in the morning and a 45 minute break for lunch. Night classes offer a 45 minute break for dinner.

    Once I finish courses, how do I graduate? Is there a test to become a personal trainer?

    Your grade in an AAPT course is dependent on your performance on 5 multiple choice exams, as well as fitness assessments, personal training practical exams, and a written program project. The multiple choice exams have a 70% passing grade, with the option to retake an exam within 1 week, per exam. The final exam and personal training practical exam require a 70% with 2 weeks allowed to retake the final exam.

    Aapt graduates

    Will AAPT provide job placement support?

    Yes, definitely. Our program is proud of our consistently high work placement rate (86.3% in 2014-2015) and our graduates’ ability to work top jobs in the United States and internationally. AAPT aims to provide trainers with the skills and expertise to thrive in the industry, so we understand that work placement is a crucial part of your future success. AAPT creates meaningful work opportunities through individual career guidance, employer networking, and AAPT Job Fairs. AAPT keeps connections with graduates for years after our program to ensure that they have developed career support whenever required. AAPT’s goal is to watch its graduates succeed!

    What jobs do AAPT graduates typically find?

    AAPT’s graduates are regularly employed at gyms, health clubs, private studios, group fitness centers, athlete training facilities, corporate wellness centers, boot camps, and/or independent contracting work. AAPT has seen graduates work around the planet, from New York to San Diego to Rome. Graduates from AAPT can see the world as their oyster – our academy gives the skills to find your fit as a personal trainer wherever you end up.

    How much do trainers from AAPT earn?

    Earnings for personal trainers differ considerably depending on if the trainer is a self-employed contractor or on staff for the gym, health club, fitness studio, etc. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average salary for full-time personal trainers ranges from $46,000 to $63,000.

    I can’t find my AAPT transcript/diploma. Where can I get a replacement?

    Contact Amy Ryan by emailing or by calling 617-267-2278.

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