Nasm Academic Partnership

NASM has joined up with AAPT to provide you with the first-hand classroom education of AAPT Boston as you ready for the NASM certification exam.

NASM training requires no additional fees or tuition

You won’t need to pay for a separate NASM Certification preparation course – it’s all included in AAPT’s tuition and curriculum.

By graduating AAPT with NASM certification, you can:

  • Develop from AAPT’s courses with the added implementation of NASM studies
  • Effortlessly draw hiring managers from gyms & studios
  • Qualify for high-earning positions

AAPT Is A Leading NASM School

Graduated AAPT students are given a Diploma to signify their thorough training and education. This certificate will not expire. Due to our academic partnership, students are given the chance to take the NASM exam*. NASM guarantees a Certificate of Academic Distinction for those who pass NASM after graduating from AAPT. *NASM exam is taken at a site outside of AAPT

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