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    Stay tuned for online courses becoming available soon! (.3 NASM CEU’s)

    The most important piece of any venture is creating traffic for ongoing business. No matter the industry all business’ share markets. The awareness of identifying markets and the ability to communicate within them are several of the many components needed for business success. This AAPT course explains the research within the fitness markets and the importance of contacting and networking to increase personal or big box gym business.

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    Stay tuned…online course becoming available soon! (.4 NASM CEU’s)

    The fitness market is crammed with diet and nutrition fads, making it taxing for modern fitness professionals to differentiate what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s downright unsafe. This course begins by introducing the groundwork of nutrition to provide each trainer better knowledge of how the human body handles what we eat. With a base foundation, students will see how to arrange a nutrition plan that suits your client’s health. Then, our class will learn to structure a nutrition plan that meets a client’s objectives, ranging from losing weight, gaining muscle, building endurance, starting power sports, and much more. 

    $200/course Member Price $ 140

    In-person course only, stay tuned for upcoming dates (.5 NASM CEU’s)

    Getting regular exercise is one of the best things a pregnant woman can do for her body, both during her nine-month prenatal journey as well as during her postnatal recovery. By following the proper guidelines, maternity fitness can be a safe and rewarding experience for both trainer and client. In this AAPT course, you will learn how to develop sound training programs that address the unique biomechanical and physiological changes occurring during the pre- and postnatal period. Programming for resistance, cardiovascular and flexibility training is discussed in detail, with insight provided on how to modify techniques based on the individual needs of the client. Contraindications to exercise are addressed with respect to each trimester.

    $125/course Member Price $ 88

    Stay tuned…online course becoming available soon! (.3 NASM CEU’s)

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to strut your stuff on stage in a competitive bodybuilding of physique competition?  Those who wish to maximize their or their client’s aesthetic potential (adding muscle, size, and symmetry while lowering body fat to impressive proportions) require their own unique considerations in their training and nutrition. This course will arm you with the knowledge you need to sculpt your and/or your client’s dream physique!

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