October 30, 2020 Fitness

Why I Chose Personal Training School vs. Self Study

Do Not “Fake it Until you Make it”

By: Shubha Ramaiah

I have heard this term used in so many different industries and I understand that it may be what needs to be done in some cases to be successful. I do not agree with this motto in the Health and Fitness industry. The reason being is because I know I would not be alright with a professional of any sort falsely informing me about my health or what is best for me.

I have been a Personal Trainer for 6 years now and I feel that the best decision I ever made going into this field was going to get hands on experience and education. Within my 6-month program I received specific knowledge in everything from Anatomy to Business Branding. I felt fully equipped to go into the Fitness world and most importantly I felt confident in myself to train others without injuring them.

What I have found is that people can often see through fraudulence. I have worked with such a diverse range of clients, so I understand that everyone is different and so are their training needs. Knowing what outline of training a person should receive is something that was reviewed and tested in my curriculum. So even before having my first client I knew how to work with various conditions such as diabetes or a previous injury, and a multitude of different “real world” scenarios. Now I won’t say that you will be absolutely prepared for anyone that walks through the door, but you will have the information to identify what they need while keeping their goals in mind and progress and regress accordingly.

I feel that I have been more successful in this business by being honest. This means sometimes having difficult conversations with clients about their lifestyle and in some instances also saying, “I don’t know, let me get back to you on that”. Basically, there is no need to fake the funk. You do not have to look like an Instagram model or train what’s trending, but you must know how to help individuals improve their quality of life. So, train your brain before getting into the game! This will help you to be a knowledgeable trainer, instructor, or coach. But more importantly a genuine person.

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