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Personal Training is an industry-regulated profession which uses professional certification to serve as the mark of professionalism, knowledge and dedication to the field. AAPT continues to be the leader in the industry setting utmost standards and offering enhanced opportunities in fitness education.

At the American Academy of Personal Training Boston (AAPT), our team has a mission to educate students seeking a personal trainer certification. We provide a progressive, hands-on learning environment where our students can develop the skills and overall knowledge they need to become active leaders in the personal training industry. We help our students achieve successful careers as fitness professionals. We will empower you with all the tools you need to become a certified personal trainer and achieve your goal.

Course Preparation

The hands-on program at the American Academy of Personal Training Boston (AAPT) uses a blend on functional in-gym training and formal classroom instruction. AAPT’s courses are kept modern to evolve with current practices and developments in the fitness industry. We aim to create the base required to find success in Personal Training, no matter which route you choose. AAPT is unlike any course you would find online- we provide the highest standard of personal training education with an active in-person learning space, full of direct instruction and collaboration with peers. AAPT not only prepares you to receive a Diploma, we also provide the foundation to be able to sit for additional certifications such as NASM, ACE, and ACSM.


AAPT’s program for personal training certification in Boston allows flexible scheduling, giving busy students the opportunity to choose a 3-month full-time program, or a part-time 6 month program, and a selection of evening, daytime, or weekend classes, ending in obtaining a diploma and NASM certification.

At the American Academy of Personal Training, we deliver you the highest quality personal training education in the fitness industry to give you the techniques, competence, and experience needed to excel.

Kim Garcia
Ramon Garcia
Admissions & Placement Coordinator
Amy Ryan
Independent Training Manager
Cam Barach
Academic Coordinator & Senior Faculty Instructor
Ted Bertini
Day Class Instructor
Mark Samara

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AAPT is a mission-driven organization. We proudly stand for hands-on intensive learning.

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