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Secure Certification As a Personal Trainer

Personal training follows close regulations from the industry which requires qualified certification to demonstrate a sign of expertise, insight, and confidence in the field. We consistently lead the fitness industry in creating top standards and giving heightened advances in fitness education.

The educators at the American Academy of Personal
Training (AAPT) Boston have a firm mission to prepare
students for receiving personal trainer certification. AAPT creates a progressive, hands-on space to educate students in the competence and knowledge they need  to lead personal trainers throughout the industry. AAPT  sets up students with exceptional careers as professional exercise instructors. We qualify with every
skill you may need to certify as a personal trainer and find success.

Course Preparation

Our first-hand courses at the American Academy of Personal Training (AAPT) in Boston use a blend of functional and formal instruction, to provide a diploma from AAPT Boston and the preparation needed to attain NASM personal training certification. AAPT students learn efficiently and acquire knowledge to develop their career options and push clients past their expectations. AAPT’s courses are kept modern to evolve for current practices and developments in the global personal training industry. We aim to create the base required to find success in personal training while gaining clients and business. AAPT is unlike any course you would find online – we provide a standard of personal training education with an active learning space, full of direct instruction and collaboration with peers.


AAPT’s program for personal training certification in Boston allows flexible scheduling, giving busy students the opportunity to choose a 3-month full-time program, or a part-time 4 or 6 month program, and a selection of evening, daytime, or weekend classes, ending in obtaining a diploma and NASM certification.

At American Academy of Personal Training, we deliver you the highest quality personal training education in the fitness industry to give you the techniques, competence, and experience needed to receive a personal trainer certification and kick off a career.

Personal Training Instructor
Personal Training Instructor
Personal Training Instructor
Personal Training Instructor

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Do you want to obtain an industry-leading personal trainer certification? American Academy of Personal Training (AAPT) extends you access to one of the top programs in the nation.

AAPT is a mission-driven organization, and we proudly drive for good health as student fitness leaders work for their personal training certification. Please contact us with any questions, or take the first step to enrollment by completing our easy application.

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